Your Life!

Send messages to past, present and future.
Set and track goals.
Color your day.

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Time Machine is ready to take off! Vroom! Vroom!

Send a message to yourself or your friends’ past, present and future, and get it at the EXACT time you indicated. Haven’t you always dreamed about time travel?

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The attitude
of gratitude.

Don’t pollute your wall with meaningless content. Better thank those who were there for you.

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Keep your eyes on the prize.

Set goals and track them through colored display of your progress.

Let your friends support you and support them back!

Receive motivational messages from Time 4:! We are watching you. Don’t fool us!:)

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Build Life

Invite your friends to join you in the future
(flash mobs, fundraisers, parties…)

Post video, audio, text to your own (or your friends) past, present and future.

Pass on knowledge and wisdom from one generation to another (i.e. family traditions, recipes, memories)

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Your comfort zone is bigger than you think…

People cannot read minds, you know? It’s a social network. You are not alone. Share. Receive. Give.

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Ask And It’s Given!

Send a S.O.S. message to a random person — whoever happens to be there and is able to help.

“Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore”
Seems that you are not alone anymore.

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